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Shorewood - Joliet - Plainfield - Minooka


Fall Tune-Up

  1. Inspection and adjustment of belts as needed
  2. Inspection of gas valve and connections*
  3. Check of combustion air vents to verify they are clear and free*
  4. Inspection of heat exchanger for corrosion or signs of stress*
  5. Check of burners*
  6. Cleaning and test of ignition assembly*
  7. Monitoring of flue draft*
  8. Safety controls test
  9. Measuring of capacitors to be within spec'
10. Lubrication of motors as needed
11. Check and adjustment of thermostat calibration
12. Check and tightening of high voltage connections
13. Check and tightening of control wiring and connections
14. Check of air flow
15. Check of filter condition and size
16. Measurement for proper air temperature readings
17. Inspection of duct connections at unit
18. Check of indoor fan motor bearing wear
19. Check of refrigerant levels**
20. Check of starting capabilities**
21. Testing of defrost control**
22. Check of Crankcase Heater operation**
23. Monitoring for proper operation

* = Gas heat system **= Heat pump system