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Maintenance Agreements

: Why should I invest in a maintenance agreement?

Peace of mind. A maintenance agreement gives you priority service, professional annual precision tune-ups and increased savings and comfort. Systems usually break down on the hottest and coldest days. This usually causes a surge in calls to us that can mean service delays. A maintenance agreement gives you peace of mind because you know you'll receive priority service and substantial savings on repairs, which we back with a one-year warranty.


Q: Why should I buy a Maintenance Agreement?

Your system needs an annual tune-up anyway. Our Discount Club gives 15% off parts and labor. Both plans include an annual precision tune-up, plus a host of other benefits and guarantees.   


Q: Why are precision tune-ups important?

In one year, your heating and cooling units can run for as many 2,000 hours. When you neglect them, you pay a hefty price in wasted fuel, shortened equipment life and inconvenient and expensive breakdowns. Having your equipment regularly tuned-up, results in fewer service problems, lower energy bills, a safer system and warranties that are kept valid.


Q:  What do you mean by priority service?

Discount Club members are always taken care of first! we will respond the same day.


Q: Will I be charged extra for after hours or emergency calls?

Discount Club members will get 15% off after hours.   


Q: How do I get started?

It's simple. Call our office, (815) 254-6954 Ext. 102 and speak to one of our Service Representatives. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.